24 March 2017

10 Unique Experiences To Try In Tokyo

Tokyo is that one place that has left me with so many extraordinary memories that keep me coming back for more! From the amazing food to the humble culture of Japan, there is something here to experience for everyone! 

13 March 2017

Best Sunflower Field in Queensland

I was eagerly awaiting the day the sunflowers would bloom again in Queensland this Summer and on the first Sunday of 2017, I decided to take a spontaneous trip out to the golden fields! I persuaded a couple of friends on the idea and just after 12pm we were out on the road. We did a bit of research to locate exactly where to go and ended up typing in Rosehill Road

26 May 2016

Active Day Out In LA

A few months ago, I visited LA with my friends Tiffany and Ben! #blondiesontour Our schedule in LA was pretty relaxed despite us only staying there a couple on nights. I myself, love to see where a day takes me while I travel instead of rushing from place to place. Ben also is one for simply exploring and Tiffany, well she was travelling oversees for the first time, so she left the planning to us! On one of our days in LA we spent the whole day hiking and