13 March 2017

Best Sunflower Field in Queensland

I was eagerly awaiting the day the sunflowers would bloom again in Queensland this Summer and on the first Sunday of 2017, I decided to take a spontaneous trip out to the golden fields! I persuaded a couple of friends on the idea and just after 12pm we were out on the road. We did a bit of research to locate exactly where to go and ended up typing in Rosehill Road

into our GPS and we hit the prime spot! I was absolutely mesmerised and could not wait to find a turn off to park the car. We ran straight into the field and even had a few others follow us by stopping near by to take a glimpse of this natural beauty!

We eventually continued our journey to follow the signs for the Sunflower Route but unfortunately there were no sunflowers in sight, not even one! And so we decided to make a stop for a little picnic and discovered that there is certainly more to the town than just sunflowers! With satisfied appetites, we took one last trip out to the fields and watched the beautiful sunset to end a great Sunday.

This season was definitely a quick one. From what I have read, the season can start any where from late January through to March. My tip for making sure you catch the wonder of a field of golden Sunflowers is to keep an eye on Instagram. Try some of these hashtags: #sunflowers #warwick #allora #sunflowerroute

Sometimes we really should take more spontaneous adventures!