30 August 2013


It seems that one negative destroys the hundreds of positives that were surrounding you a second earlier. You begin to fall into a state of annoyance where every little thing irritates you more. It seems that it is easier to stay furious rather than to see the brighter side. You have fallen into the trap. 

I tend to argue with my brother from time to time, like typical siblings do. Today we began an argument where both of us ended up storming off, not being able to stand each other any longer. When I went into my room, the feeling of resentment stayed with me. This terrible sense of anger was not allowing me to concentrate nor take any of the exam revision for the next day. Everything was getting worse to a point where I even got angry at other family members which made them upset too. Negative energy spreads quickly! This is when I realised that I had to stop and begin doing things that make me happy. So I began writing this blog, and what do you know, I am starting to feel better already!

Some days not everything will go your way, but this does not mean you should make it worse by keeping the negative aura around you. The longer you stay upset, the worse it will become and soon it will spread to others. This is where you have to stop yourself and take those deep breaths you have missed. Let go of the fury that lies beneath you and begin to smile. It might be the hardest step but it is worth it. Once you free your mind, quickly you will manifest the desired results of your previous tasks. Those around you will also begin to the feel the positivity and accept your apology if you ask. Happiness will always feel better! 

I leave you with this little tip...