17 November 2013

Being Persistent

Being persistent is important because everything takes time. Everyone makes goals for themselves but not everyone achieves them because it is always easier to give up. I have found myself in these situations many times before but through dedication I have not given up on my goals yet!

I have constantly tried to eat healthy and exercise more but sometimes I begin to feel as if I will never achieve this goal. There were days I would eat some chocolate and then have a little more and then get to a point where I couldn't stop. Birthdays would come around and I couldn't just not try some of the cake they have prepared and more and more I begin to fall down the achievement ladder. What I have recently realised, however, is that change is a gradual process and you need to keep taking everything step by step. It does not matter if you slip up from time to time, what is key is that you remember to continue. I am more persistent now and allow myself to have a days off and remind myself that the reason I want to be healthy is because it will make me a happier person!

I have also recently started a YouTube channel to expand my creativity but the feeling of my channel not going anywhere, made if difficult for me to continue. With the constantly growing YouTube community it has become very challenging to be able have your content seen by others. I felt like giving up because of this but this is where I reminded myself that no matter what, I need to keep going because making videos is something that makes me happy. If you ever feel doubt about a goal, try remember why you started in the first place. This is what persistence is all about. 

So I want to leave you with a few steps that I hope will help you in achieving your goals:
Step 1. Start with acknowledging the steps it will take for you to achieve a goal
Step 2. Put notes around your room that will motivate you to remember your goal
Step 3. Create a chart that will help calculate your progress
Step 4. Don't forget to chill out and not always be worrying about the need to achieve a goal! As long as you remember that you are moving forward, it's ok to take breaks
Step 5. Do not quit if it becomes difficult…go back to step 2 if needed :) 
Step 6. Believe in yourself!
Step 7. Once you achieve it, reward yourself! 

Remember to make every moment count, this is what life is here for!

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