10 November 2013

My Spontaneous Trip to Europe

I am writing this a little late… it has been three months since I've been back from the trip! But I am finally finished my uni exams and have time to write! :)

A few weeks before my 18th birthday in July I was deciding how to celebrate it. Organising a big party wasn't something I was considering, I am more of a 'little gathering' kind of person! :) And so my quest for a great birthday began.

During this time I was participating in a YouTube Bucket List created by Ella Grace. One of the last things on the list was to do something that we have always wanted to do. This is where the idea of heading to Europe came into my mind! I think this was one of the best ideas I have had so far in terms of experiencing what life has to offer and becoming more independent. This is where my journey began…

The 3rd of July 2013 I said good bye to my family and hopped on a plane to London. The flight was long and tiering and catching a cold on the day I left, didn't help much either! When I finally arrived I was greeted by my uncle who I haven't seen in 10 years and this was just the beginning of who I was about to be reunited with! During my trip I was able to visit my grandparents and the rest of my extended family! I have a lot of family in Europe as I was born there and only moved to Australia in 2002. Being 8 when I moved I didn't miss the rest of my family as much because I had my parents and my brother. It wasn't until I saw them all again on my trip that I now miss them more then ever and I hope I will be seeing them again soon!

Most of my trip I spent exploring London! My uncle bought me a map and circled every place that I needed to visit. Every day I would choose a point on the mad and head on over there. Walking around in a new city was definitely an experience I won't forget! I got lost many times but most of the fun came from not knowing where I was and needing to figure out where to go next!

I visited nearly every museum, shopped on the very famous Oxford street, stopped at very cute cafes around the city and took a million photos of all this!

One thing I was very disappointed about is that One Direction was not at Madame Tussauds when I went! ;)

During my trip I also travelled to Latvia, to the place I was born! There I revisited the old city of Riga. I have forgotten how mesmerising it was! It was definitely very surreal returning to the places where I grew up! While I was over there and my grand-parents house i was fed quite well! Could not fit into my shorts when I got back home!

This trip was an amazing experience for me and I have taken so much away from it. It is hard for me to express my joy that I received from this trip thought just words and photos so I strongly recommend taking independent trips yourself! I do not regret my holidays one bit! Do make sure you stay safe though! :)

I have put together some of my videos from the trip which you can have a look at: