19 March 2015

Finding Courage Within Me

“One does not simply learn university life; it is an adventure that one must experience through a little courage.” 

This is exactly what I learnt while settling into my first semester of university! 

I began my journey as a typical first year student, attending all orientation week events, information sessions as well as joining in the fun with the Amazing Race and the official university Harlem Shake! What a great first impression of university, I thought. It was not long lived, however. The official welcome week arrived and I quickly began to lose my confidence. I was no longer surrounded by the comfort of school friends, no longer felt a sense of direction and quickly began falling behind all my study. 

The weeks went by and I was struggling more and more to find myself in this enormous place. As I sat down to begin another week of dreadful lectures, a glimmer of hope sparked within me. I reminded myself of what I learnt during O'week, that university could be the best time of my life! I took a few deep breaths, spat out an awkward hello to the student beside me and my true university experience began! 

And so little by little I began to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people, get involved, and make the most of my time here! I have loved university and although it was challenging at first, all I needed was a little courage.