28 April 2015

How To Campaign Like a Pro!

Use your procrastination social media time for the good of society :)

We are just a few days away before I begin the Live Below the Line Challenge and we have already raised over $300,000! What an incredible number! I am so happy to have had amazing family and friends support over $350 to that total! I really feel this year is going to be bigger and better! It is unbelievable how much of an impact we can have on communities in need especially through the power of people and social media. To all those in need of fundraising and support tips, I've got you covered! 
As many other Australian's participating, we know how blessed we have been to have grown up in such a beautiful country and to have received an education. I am now at university and studying what I really enjoy. I recently had an assignment on this topic of how much new media platforms can enhance non-for-profit campaigns like 'Live Below the Line'. New media has well and truly reached new heights! The Oaktree Organisation, who are running the campaign, are doing amazing things with it and I think you can too! I thought to post a few tips to help those who are wanting to raise more awareness. 

How to Campaign Like a Pro!
Tip 1:
The most important first step is to take some time to read about the cause and have it resonate with YOU. How does it fit with your values? And your passions? In all that you do, do it with heart and soul in order to raise your voice to its loudest. When I jump into new things without some initial thought, I never stick with it nor do I achieve the full potential. Take some time looking at these questions to help find your reason, don't rush and take each question one by one: What are you good at? What has always come naturally to you? Where does your heart go when you daydream? What everyday things do you love and need to do always? What issues are most important to you? What do you love that you would do for free? How do you get there?
Tip 2:
With social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, it is your family and friends who are flicking through their timelines with your posts. They are who support you and want to see YOUR smile on there. So get creative in your posts and include yourself in a photo and show your passion. It will stand out to your loved ones.
Tip 3:
Another helpful little tip is knowing when your family and friends are online. It would probably be around the same time as you! After dinner, around 8 p.m. :) Best time to just chill out from all the study, right? Use that opportunity and post during those peak times. More loved ones will notice and more loved ones will support you and the cause.

Remember, you have so much power in your hands, so much light and love. It is a gift given to you. Believe as we believe in you!

“If not you, then who? If not now, the when?” - Hillel

Thank you everyone so much for all the support, it really is a blessing.