7 October 2015

Today Starts My Adventure!

Today starts my adventure... (officially it was 2 months ago but I never posted the blog :) ) and those were the first few words I wrote in my journal for this trip!

This year I was accepted on the Disney International Program and the time had finally come to hop on the plane and make my way to the U.S. to work for Disney for six months. I said a quick goodbye to my mum, otherwise both of us would have ended up in tears, and made my way through the airport.

Before starting work in Disney World I decided to take a quick getaway to Canada. I had only a few days there but I managed to squeeze in an exploration day of the city of Toronto, the North side of Ontario, a little bit of London and finally Niagara Falls!

Exploring Toronto was fun, I love walking around cities and finding hidden treasures. I realised that the reason why I never plan my day all that much when I travel solo is because my days at home are usually packed with many plans and I find this time simply a chance to relax and take each day as it comes!

A local friend of mine also took me on a little Canadian roadtrip to High Falls near Bracebridge, north of Toronto. Here I got to experience the true beauty of the landscape as well as some Tim Hortons!

Before I left for this trip my dad convinced me to visit Niagara Falls and I am forever thankful that he did! It was an amazing view and what perfect timing that one of my friends from home was visiting Canada at the same time and I was able to spend the whole day there with her walking up and down the river enjoying each others company!