20 May 2016

Around the World in One Day at EPCOT

Along with my previous post about a favourite park of mine, Disney's Animal Kingdom, EPCOT was also one that I visited often, especially the world showcase! I found that EPCOT is more suited for the leisure travellers as most Disney families are on a tight schedule and have young ones running around to see Elsa and wanting to get on every ride. So for those who have a bit more time on their hands and love a great international show,
this park is a great one to start at! EPCOT has two parts to it. As soon as you arrive you will see a massive globe, 'The Spaceship Earth', it is just the beginning of the innovation that is held within this part of the park. As you continue to walk on through heading past 'Future World' there will be a beautiful lake and all around it is iconic structures form various countries. And so you begin your journey, left or right, which ever side you decide to start with, going around to each country and discovering something new about our world. I really enjoyed the futuristic rides and interactive parts of Future World but I did spend much more time walking around and discovering each of the countries in the showcase.